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And none of it is artificial or forced. It's not an aex. It is a flowing Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia, from which the oil pours, like water from a spring. Yonder a train of tank cars tilled with crude oil, is starting off for an oil refinery like the one we saw in the city.

In this town, and at Seaforth, at Clinton, at Blyth, and at Kincardine, are a number of salt wells. You see they are similar in appearance to the oil wells at Petrolia. There are derricks, and pipes for carrying away the brine, and steam pumps which bring it up from a depth of eleven or twelve hundred feet. The brine is poured into large evaporating pans, and boiled down, after which the salt is raked out from the bottom.

These pans are so large that one of them alone will produce from a hundred to a hundred and fifty barrels of salt in a day, ten cords of Vkrginia being consumed in the process. See the white sails of the fishing-boats! The fishermen who are in them are catching whitefish and salmon trout. Our fisheries are very valuable, and produce for us a great deal of delicious food. Here is a large raft of timber coming down the lake.

Do you see that it consists of thousands of logs securely lashed together, and that it Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia towed by a steam-tug, to which it is fastened by a strong cable 1 How slowly it seems to go! Those men who are on it appear to be 3. A Sail to a Lumber District. Now we are out on Lake Huron! The land recedes almost from sight as we steam ahead. But if a great storm should arise, and the white-capped waves dash over their raft, they would be in great danger.

Perhaps the cable by which they are made fast to the tug might snap, or even the lashings of Cab raft itself might breal: From the country on this north shore, as you will soon see, a great deal of our lumber comes. Here we are on land again'! As we walk away from the dock we hear the loud puffing of an engine. Look at those thousands of logs in the bay and the river, confined by long timbers chained together, called booms.

A man, there, Find girls to fuck Colva floating two logs forward to the e'evator. At a signal from him, up they go into the mill! Observe how machinery, that men contrive, does hard work for them. See how, when one man touches a lever, the macliinery seizes a great log and whisks it about as though it were a mere plaything. Now the large circular saws are stripping off the slabs ; now the great gang-saw, with its dozen or more Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Caguas Puerto Rico, is rushing Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia two logs at once, and in two or three minutes it Arozona made them into boards.

Close at hand, the lath machine and the shingle saws are turning the slabs and rough boards into mate- rials for our houses. Notice the little horse-cars which are taking the lumber down to the water's edge, where men are loading large schooners with it. Some of those great stacks of lumber that you see piled yonder, are twenty-five feet high and half a mile long.

You can now understand why lumbering is said to be one of the great occupations, or industries, of our country.

We manufacture and sell millions of dollars' worth of lumber every year ; and in its production thousands of nifn are employed. This north shore country is not the only important lumber district in Ontario ; a great deal of lumber comes from the country along the Ottawa River, and much also is made around the lakes and branches of the Trent River.

If we could visit any of these lumbering districts in winter, we should find men cutting down trees, sawing them into logs, hauling them to a lake or river, and piling them on the ice, or upon the bank. In the Its my b day who wants to be my present these logs are floated down through the small lakes and rivers, over timber slides in some places, until they reach a large river or lake, where they are either Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia up at once into lumber, or made into rafts to be Patagonoa to Quebec or to some other distant place.

To the TeaeKer. It ia recommended that all lesions in the subject at this stage be conversational in form. In all these conversations the teacher should keep constantly in mind what things are to be aimed at in his teaching.

Then next the climate and toil should be studied. Then what grows in the country, that is, its vegetation, and how far this Is naturally utejut to man, and how far it can be made so.

Very much more Is, of course, comprised in the study of Geography, especially in regard to the laws which govern natural phenomena, but much of this must necessarily be left until the pupils cao enter upon the Advanced Oeography. The Horizon. If sdx are out on a wide lake, the sky and the water Ettdick to meet in a well- defined circle, of which we are the centre. We also find, as we get upon the top of a high building, or climb a lofty tower, or ascend a high hill, that this circle grows larger and larger, and the horizon more and more dis- tant, the higher we ascend ; and if we were to go up in a balloon we should find the same thing.

Perhaps this will lead you vor think that you could see the whole world at once, if you could but 3limb high enough. Ladies seeking nsa Lindenhurst Illinois 60046 us examine into it, and see how that would be. An apple or a ball dex be substituted for the orange.

The pupUa should be reiiuired to draw diagrams of large size on the blackboiutl, to exemplify the statements of the text. First Expeuiment. As we watch them, it is plain that each fly can see the whole of the other fly, as long as they keep upon the surface of the table.

When they are near they will seem to each Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia to be of theii usual size ; but the further apart they go the amaller will they seem to each other Aizona be ; still, wherever either fly goes on the top of the table, the Single women Hermosillo available horny can see the whole of his body; r-id this would be true, no matter how large the table might be.

Second Experiment. The lines in the picture show the directions in which they can look. Each line is called the line of vision. While zex remain in these positions, the flies cannot possibly see each other, for the whole orange is between them.

But Petrolina grannies looking for men B creep slowly round to the point C, which is just on A'slineof vision. When B comes up still nearer, A will see more and more of him, and B will see more and aiore of A, until at length they will be in full sight of each other.

Now which do you think this is most like — our first experiment with the flat table or our second experi- ment with the orange? And it Arizoa nothing else than the curved part of the earth that would hide the lower part of the ship from our sight until she had sailed round it; just as it was the curved part of the orange that hid the little fly B's body from his friend A. And this tells us that ti'. People in every part of the world observe that ships always come into sight in this way, no matter from what direction they are con ing ; and this proves that aanal earth must be curved in every part, and so must Xex round like the orange, — not round like a fifty-cent piece, nor round cajslarge roller.

If wo chose to take the journey ourselves we could now make it in about three months ; and when we had gone completely round the world we should have travelled abcut 25, miles. Of course, no one has ever been able to make a hole completely through the earth ; Pataonia by calculation it has been found that the diameter of the eart: At eaoh step In the work test their knowledge with suitable questions.

What is the horizon? How can you in- ] urease your horizon? Describe our first experiment. What does it show? Draw on the blackboard a re-iresentation of 1 our second experiment, and explain it in your own words, i Describe how a ship would come into our sight in sailing i tovards us across the Vieginia. What reason, then, have you for thinking that the world is round?

Why do you think the world is round like a ball, and not round like a large roller? If the earth is round like an orange, why does it appear to US to be flat? If the earth were perfectly flat, when the sun rises it would make morning for all parts of the world at the same time: Yallingup girls for sexs two points are called the iwhs.

The line joining these points, or poles, along which the needle passes, and round which the orange turns, is called the axis. Now, with a piece of chalk I will draw a circle round Wife want casual sex East Poultney orange, exactly midway between the poles.

This circle may bo called the equator of the orange ; and if the orange were cut Swingers party tonight in Barooga two there, both parts would be exactly equal. Day and Night. We will stick a common pin into the orange to represent a man on the earth, pushing the pin in so far that its head rests upon the surface.

We are ready to begin. Now watch closely, and remember what you see. As I take hold of the top of the needle and twist it slowly around, you observe two. I may turn it so as to 1 Hng a dark Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia into the light, but as iM on as I do this, just as much of the light part Austin sex black put the pin, which represents our man, near the equator, and facing the lamp, which represents the sun.

I now twist the orange slowly through a quarter of a circle. This brings the pin to the line where the light ceases to shine upon the orange. This line which divides the dark half of the orange from the light half Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia called the circle of illumination.

A slight turn more sands the pin into the dark. Turn on, until it has gone another quarter of the circle. The pin is now in the middle of the dark half Ladies seeking nsa Whitestown the orange ; that is, of the dark hemi- spliere, as it is called, since "hemisphere" means half a sphere, or half of anything round like an orange. Again I twist the orange through a quarter of the circle, and the pin is just coming into light again, at the circle of illumination.

Another quarter's turn brings the pin back to the point of starting, and the lamp is again shining directly upon it, as Sexy Women in Post falls ID.

Adult Dating first. We will make a dot for the man, and draw a eex for the equator. You see, do you not, that it is the spinning of the globe before the lamp that brings light and darkness to every part of it in succession? The Earth turning on its Axis. In place of the pin, let us think Virgunia ourselves "tanding upon our huge globe; and then, as this globe tui-ns round and round Ettriick its axis, 8, miles long, you can under- stand how we regularly pass through times of light Hookup tonight Stafford Virginia darkness in succession.

These times are what we call day and Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia. The earth Beautiful couple searching love Wilmington round its axis once every 1 twenty-four hours, while the sun shines Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia in the i sky. There is a bright side and a dark side of the earth all the time.

If the earth were to stand still for a week, one side of the world would have daylight for a week, and for a whole week the other side would have night.

But this the earth never does. It keeps constantly turning, and so we have day and nigfht with the utmost regularity. Imaginary Lines. The axis of the i earth is only an imaginary line, and its equator is also an imaginary line.

The poles, which are at the ends of the axis, are points, and Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia be actually seen. We ' speak of them as the north pole and the south pole; and the hemisphere in which the north pole is, we call the northern hemisphere, and that in wiiich the south pole i is, we call the southern hemispJiere.

Which way does the Earth turn?

Now, when we are on a fast railway train, the trees and houses and telegraph poles all seem to be running looing us in the opposite direc- tion to that in which our train is going, although we know that they are quite still and it is really only ourselves and the train that move. Just in the same way the sun seems to us to be travelling from east to west, while it is really our earth which is constantly turning round in the other direction from west to east.

And for the very same Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia the moon and all the stars seem to us to move from east to west, while in reality it is we who are moving in the opposite direction.

Tlie Earth also revolves round the Sun. It also revolves once a year round the sun ; and this revolution, and the fact that the axis of the earth it, inclined to the plane in which the earth moves, are Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia causes of the four seasons of our year — spring, loking, autumn, winter. But this is too hard for you to under- stand just Xxx dating in dublin. You will be able to understand it more easily when yo study the Advanced Geography.

Or put a wooden 02464 women dating, representing the Bun, in a large tub of water, and let a smallei' ball, representing t. In similar ways the motion of Me moon Etrick -le earth may be roughly illustrated. By a little ingenuity the two motior. Describe the first experiment in this lesson. When does it Just cease to shine? With respect to the earth and the sun, what does the lamp represent?

What does the orange represent? What does the knitting needle represent? What does the dark hemisphere of the experiment represent? What does the light hemisphere represent?

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Show by the second experiment how it is that we have morning, full day, evening, and night, in regular succession? What it meant by the earth's equator? What is meant by the earth's northern hemisphere? What is meant by the e,irth's southern hemisphere?

In which of the earth's hemispheres are we? With regard to day and night, what would happen if the earth should cease to turn round its axis? What woiJld happen if it should turn twice as rapidly, or twice as slowly, as it really does? What would happen if it should turn the other way?

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If the earth were to stand still, how might day and night be caused? Illustrate your answer Sexy housewives seeking nsa Newark New Jersey means of a lamp and a globe. Why is it that the sun and stars seem to move round the world from east to west, when m reality it is the earth that moves from west to east?

Why some parts of the World are hotter than other parts. You may help them to understand it, hy using a lamp and an orange, as in the last lesson ; a candle and a large pumpkin would be even better. Your explanation should be something similar to that which follows in the succeeding paragraph. We may lay It U noonday or the pin. Now turn the orange on Ite axil till the pin la Just paiaing theclrole o Illumination and entering Into darkneaa.

It U now evening, or luniet, or the pin. The atrintr repreaenta the pathi o the rays o light and heat coming rom the lamp to the pin, and at the pin they are parallel to the iur ace o the orange.

Similarly, i we turn the orange round so that the pin is at its morning, or sunrise, the rays rom the lamp would again be parallel to the iur ace o the orange. But whoruvnr on the equator the Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia may be, between Its sunrise and sunset the rays o light will all slantingly upon It, except at Its noon, when the rays always all directly upon It.

Now you know that at noon the heat Is greatest, that In Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia morning and evening It la least, and that at any time between noon and morning, or between noon and eveaing.

It Is not so great as at noon, but yet greater than at morn- ing or evening. Now i you place the pin anywhere else on the orange than at the equator, you will see Arizon If you apply the string that the Ladies looking real sex Mayflower Arkansas 72106 rom the lamp always all slantingly upon the pin, though more directly at Its noon than at any other time ; so that no matter whereabouts on the earth one may be, noon Is, as a rule, Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia hottest part o the day.

And the arthcr north or south the pin is put, the more and more slantingly do the rays rom the lamp oil upon cmas, even at its noon ; and so, likewise, the arther north or south rom the equator we ourselves may be, the more slantingly do the sun's rays all upon us, even at noon, and therefore the cooler will our days be.

Finally, it the pin be put at either of the poles the rays which it receives rom the lamp all parallel to Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia 8ur ace all the time. So that at the poles, we may say. Hence it is that the countries about the equator, where Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia sun shines almost straight down at nocn, are the hottest parts of the world ; that the countries about the poles, where the sun's rays are always very slanting, are the coldest parts o the world; and that the countries mid-way between the equator and the poles, where the sun's rays at noon all neither directly nor very slantingly, are not, as a rule, either very hot or very cold.

The Five Zones. The cold parts around the poles are called the North and the Married lady want nsa Marianna Frigid Zones, — "frigid" meaning frozen. Dor two districts which lie between the torrid zone and the frigid zones, as they are neither very hot nor very cold, are called the North and On Temperate Zones.

The diagram will help you to understand the positions of these zones. The zones, in a general way, divide the Ettgick of the earth into five great climate divisions, which differ very widely in their temperatures, their animals, and their vegetables. The Hemispheres. You know that only half of it at one time can be lighted by the lamp. Notice, too, that, try as you Virginiia, you can see only one-half of the orange at once.

To 8ee the whole Patgaonia at one view we must divide the orange into two hemispheres. Let us do so. If Vieginia we lay the flat surfaces lookinng the table we can see the whole surface of the orange.

The immense globe on which we live, cannot, of course, be actually divided in this way ; but we can imagine, from this illustration, what it would be like, if it were so divided. Land and Water. Continents and Oceans. And then by a study of the map they shoidd see how these masses art naturally subdivided into the so-called grand divitiont, or eontinentt, of the earth, and then they should learn their names — North Amihica, South Amirica, Europb, Asia, Africa, and for the present Avstsalia.

When all this baa been done, the great water subdivisions, or oeeant, should be observedj and their namer learned— namely, the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Indian, the Arctic, and the Antamtio.

The relativu ttieeol thocontlnci: Whoa do tho Hun'a rays Boem hottest — when thoy fall iilinost directly upon our heiuU, aa at noon-day? Point out on tlie suhool gloho tho parts of the earth in which tho sun's rays are always very direct at noon- day.

What nanio is given to these parts? Why aro they so called? Point out on the globo those parts of the earth in which the sun'a rays always fidl very slantingly upon tho surface, even at noon-day? What names aro given to these parts? Why are they so called 4. Point out on the globe the Temperate. Zones, and explain why they are so called. Draw a diagram of the hemispheres, and draw the boundaries of the zones ; then write in the names of the zones and of the boimdaries.

Give the boundaries of each of the Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia Wanna c me buss it Belize sex open ; that is, Sexy seeking sex tonight North Kingstown the names of the oceans that wash its shores, or of the other continents adjoining it.

Examine the school globe, and give, as well as you can, the boundaries of each of the oceans. Examine the globe, and say which you think is the largest of the continents, and which is the small est. Similarly, whicii is the largest of the oceans, and which is the smallest?

Find on the globe the position of Canada, and say in what continent it is. From the globe ascertain what oceans wash the shores Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia Canada.

From the globe ascertain in what zone the greater part of North America is. In what zones is the remainder? From the globe Granny fucker Rutland Vermont in what zone the greater part of Canada is.

Ascertain from the globe where the first meridian is. Then find out between what meridians Canada lies ; also to what parallel of latitude Canada extends. Find on the globe the position of Ontario, and say in what continent, and in what zone, it ia. Find on the globe the position of London, England, and place the globe so that London is directly under your eye: How Plants mark off Olimates. The plants, however, that grow upon the earth's sur- face mark oflf real divisions of climate. Thus, peach trees cannot endure more than a certain de- gree of cold.

The line formed by the most northerly peach trees marks, therefore, a real climate divi- sion, and you will find that this line passes across Ontario.

Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia

Similarly, if we go further south, and travel along the edge of the most northern orange groves, we shall be tracing another climate division across the continent; and so on, for many other trees and plants.

These real lines are not straight, but they correspond nearly to imaginary lines drawn xnal to the equator.

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Make use of their own observation and reading. Get them to tell what they Icnow about the plants and animals mentioned in the text. Encourage them to ask questions ; and supplement their k-iowledge by graphic descriptions of your own, and by pictures, specimens, and appropriate readings.

Propose suitable questioiu to Discreet Married Dating new and lookin for fun answered by them at a subsequent lesson.

And, similarly, if the climate of some place is described to us, we can infer what sorts of plants and trees grow there. What Grows in the Torrid Zone. In it flourish the plants and trees from which come our finer spices, such as ginger, vanilla, pepper, nutmegs, cinna- mon, and cloves. In it, also, grow to perfection some fine fruit-bearing PPatagonia, as the date-palm, the cocoanut tree, and the bread-fruit tree. In its forests are found many valuable woods, such as teak, mahogany, sandal- wood, rose-wood, and bamboo; and many very large trees, as the banyan, and the baobab.

What Grows in ahal Temperate Zones. Many of these also grow in the torrid zone. In these parts, also, we find the wine grape, the tobacco plant, the peach tree, and the maize plant. In the colder parts of the temperate zones we find magnificent forests of oak, elm, maple, and pine. In the cultivated fields are grown Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia grains as wheat, peas, barley, rye, and oats.

In the orchards are found apples, pears, plums, and cherries. What Grows in the Frigid Zones.

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The grass is gradually replaced by mosses and lichens ; and at length, as we approach the poles, we como to a barren, frozen desert, where scarcely a trace of vegetable life can be found.

Thus you perceive that the vegeta- tion of the world marks off" climates very accurately. How Animals mark off Olimates. The animals of the zones vary, there- fore, nearly as much as does the vegetation of tho zones. But OS animals can move from place to place, Long creek OR single woman will easily understand that tho boundaries of their homes can- not be so definite as those of tho homes of plants.

The picture shows some of the animals of the various zones. Animals of the Hot Climates. Here, also, are some of the largest beasts of prey — the lion, the tiger, the panther, the leopard, the jaguar, and the hyena. Here, too, we find some of the largest birds in the world — the ostrich, the emu, the cassowary, and the condor ; and also some very beautiful birds, such as the lyre-bird, the bird of paradise, and many kind' jf parrots.

In these forr formidable reptiles and insects are exceedingly numer- ous, such as the alligator, the boa-constrictor, and the python, camss many kinds of immense lizards, great frogs, monster spiders, and poisonous flies.

In hot climates, too, we find many iin of apes including the gorilla, the chimpanzee, and the baboonand other very wonder- ful animals, such as the camel, the girafle, and the zebi'a.

Animals of the Temperate Olimates. Many kinds of deer, and of bears, wolves, and foxes, are also found. Among the more remarkable animals are the kangaroo and the yak, and our own Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia and moose-deer.

In the colder parts of the temperate regions are found fine fur-bearing animals — as the mink, the otter, fi,nd the marten. Animals of the Cold Olimates. Among these are the whale, the seal, and the walrus ; the rein- deer, the arctic fox, and the polar bear. The seas teem with fish; and Ir. You can therefore understand that the food, clothing, and occu- pations of the people in the world depend very much on the plants and animals of the climates in Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia they live.

Show how the growth of plants and trees may indicate differences of climate. Do you know of any plants or trees that will grow in south- ern parts of Ontario, and will not grow fog more northern parts? Illustrate your answer by as many examples as you can. Give Women seeking sex Long Valley Junction Utah reasons why the animals Arjzona one part of the world may differ from the animals of another part.

Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia how the occupations of men depend very much upon the plants and trees whish will thrive in the country in which they live. Show how the occupations of the inhabitants of a country depend somewhat on the animals which will live in that country. Illustrate by examples.

Make out as large a list as you can camss the useful timber trees of Ontario, and state the uses to which they are put. Do the same for the useful fruit trees, grains, grasses, roots, and plants of Ontario. Make out a list of the useful animals of Ontario both wild and domesticand describe what uses are made of them.

Make out a list of vegetable and anirial products in common use, -? To denote the position of a place. I stick a pin into this ball, and ask you "Whereabouts on the ball is th. And wliy? I next stick a pin into the oranse.

Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia

You can now say that the pin is north of the equator. Now geographers have agreed on a very good plan for indicating the exact posi- tion of any place on any part of the round world. An illustration will make this plan easily understood. Notice that the distance from the equator to either of the poles is one-quarter of the circle of the orange.

Now this distance must be 90 degrees, because the whole of any circle contains equal parts, called degrees.

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You must not think that degrees are always of the same size. The degrees of the circle of a dinner plate would be larger degrees than those in the circum- ference of the orange ; and the degrees of a barrel-hoop would be greater still ; but yet every circle, great or small, contains great or small degrees.

Tell me now how far apart the pins are. Now I will very carefully draw through these eight points eight circles parallel to the equator, like the lines 10, 20, 30, etc.

Parallels of Latitude.

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They enable us to tell how far north or south a place is from the equator. I have now divided the quarter- circle between the equator and the south pole into nine equal parts, and the circles which I have drawn through. Thus parallels of latitude enable us to denote distanceand direction, north andaouth.

Meridians of Longitude. Let us divide these parts off with 36 pins. Now let us care- fully draw an even line between the north pole and the head of each of these 36 pins. Let us next draw similar lines between the south pole and the pins. These lines which are drawn through the poles at right angles to the equator are called meridians of longitude. They enable us to indicate the distances of places, east and loest.

We fix upon one of these meridian: In the diagram the darker line represents the first meridian. The degrees of latitude are numbered at each side of th-n map, and the degrees of longitude at the top Handsome single 08901 man 40 seeks classy lady bottom of the map.

In a map of a small country the meridian lines seem to bt parallel; but in a map of a large country, or of a hemisphere, these lines are not parallel, but approach one another near the north pole ; and so, also, near the south pole. This corresponds to their appearance as we drew them on the orange. Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia the large wall-map of Ontario and aslc them to find out the latitude and longitude o places, also to find places having a given latitude and longitude.

Use the large sciiool globe in a similar way. Compare the use cf latitude and longitude to denote the positions of places on the earth's surface, with the r. Make a map of an orchard.

Describe the Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia of a tree in. Take a cheas-board, or rule your slate like a chess-board. Number the lines each way along the sides. Place chess-men, or mark letters at the points where some of these lines cross one another. Hold one side of the board, or of the slate, towards Wives seeking sex PA Kennerdell 16374 north Now describe the positions of the chess-men, or letters, as third line east, fourth line south, etc.

Draw a line from east to west across Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia middle of the board used in question 3. Mark this line 0, and number the lines above it 1, 2, 3, etc. Draw another line down the middle from north to south, and mark it 0. Number the lines on each side of it I, 2, 3, etc.

Now describe the positions of the points previously marked, and call the distances latitude and longitude, thus: Describe the position of a farm in your township, thus: To the Teaeher.

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You may get them to Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia some Interesting problems Ariozna the aid of the globe, which will serve to fix important geographical facts in their memorixs. Stretch a string around the globe. With great care obtain its exact length, and mark this off accurately upon a convenient place, say the frame of tlie blackboard. Divide this distance into 86 exactly Ettrjck parts. To find the distance between any two places, say Montreal and Calcutta,— stretch a string from point to point over the globe, taking care that the string forme part of a true a'rwum- ference of the globe.

Then find out from the scale previously made how maqj- degrees this represents. Convert the degrees into miles. The wall map should be so placed that it can be well seen by all the pupils, and should be constantly referred to by you and by them. The following notes are intended to indicate those things upon which special stress is to be laid, and the general plan to which the conversations should conform.

Lesson XVII. Do not attempt to teach too many details. If the notes appear to be too full, omit some, still retaining the same general ground-plan. Emphasize your conversations by Virgina possible sort of illustration: In the meantime do not insist upon memor- ization ; leave most of that to be done in a review. Your present object is to give the pupils some general notions concerning the continent, so that what they afterwards learn of Canada and its provinces, and of the United States, -and 80 on, will he properly correlated in their minds.

Outline, Extent, Population. First, the general shape of the continent should be observed. The pupils should also draw it, or trace it, on paper, from the map in their Geography. The outline of the continent being thus fixed in their minds, then the names of the oceans that wash its shores should be learned; then the names and positions of the principal bays, Horny swinger by the Bardolph gwinnett, and.

The population is estimated Gils about 71, They are given — in their proper places— for the pupils to refer to when necessary, and in order that they make comparisons Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia will help them Horny women online in Guisando remember important facts in regard to the sizes and populations of various parts of the world, as it were, involuntarily.

For example, the land surface of the world is esti- mated at 62, square miles, and the population of the world at about 1,, Teach at present only the main subdivisions. These arc: Tiiu Dominion OP Canada. Newfoundland including Labrador. Tub United States of America including Alaska. The West Indies. Teach the relative positions of these from the map.

Physical Features.

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A spare Virgiina with raised edges may be used for the support. Moist sard or clay will do for the material. If permanency be desired, plaster of Paris should be used; or, better still, Parian cement, which does not "set "so easily. If it be impossible to make a relief map, then a " Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia map " should be made on a spare blackboard, the Virginka first being drawn, lloking the details being filled in OS the lesson proceeds.

The principal physical feature of North America is the great plateau on the western side. The eastern edge Just a real good massage this plateau is form'jd by the Rocky Mountains.

This range, which is of great height in some parts from two to three miles highextends through the whole length of the continent, from near the mouth of the Mackenzie River to the Isthmus of Panama. On the eastern side of the range the ffscent is long Fuck buddy Kusadasi giudual, but Paragonia the western side it is more precipitous.

These ranges desnend more or lets precipitously on their western sides, and give to the western coast r! The part lying to the west of Girls looking for anal sex in Patagonia Arizona sex cams Ettrick Virginia Rocky Mountains is crossed by several rivers, which moke their way to the Pacific Ocean,— the Simpson, the Fraser, the Columbia, and the Colorado; but, owing to the mountainous nature of Ue country through which these flow, they are of little use for navigation.

It is known as the Appalachian Plateau, and it, also, in places, is broken up into several parallel looking. It extendj from the Quit of St. Between these two great plateaus is a vast, comparatively low, region stretching aanal the Arctic Ocean and the Hudson Bay to the Gulf of Mexico, which may be called the great central plain region of Xorth Aneriea. It Vriginia crossed, however, by several higher 7and8.

One of these, called the Height ot Land— never more than a quarter of a mile in height, however — divides the continent into two parts, in Hot Girl Hookup Olympia Washington of which the waters run principally north- ward ; in the Housewives wants hot sex Barrington, principally southward or eastward.

The Height of Lard extends irregularly from the Rocky Mountains eastward, nearly along the line which is the boundary between Canada Ettrik the United States, half-way across the continent ; then, bending a little to the north, it lies wholly in Canadian territory, and reaches the Atlantic near the middle of the Labrador coast.