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In some key ways, of course, the situations are very different: The war in Iraq almost certainly won't last tor 10 years. Saddam Hussein doesn't have a big country like China or the Soviet Union supporting him.

Eventually, the United States will probably win a military victory. But it will come at great cost. And now, U. The casualties are piling up on all sides. Bush has done something truly Fuck tonight San francisco super mare Soon the pressure will be on Bush to blunder even further.

In the Vietnam era, the antiwar movement built slowly. It took years — and tens of thousands of body bags — before activists could bring huge crowds into the streets.

But this war has already galvanized massive protests, in the United States and around the world, and those numbers will get larger as Bush leads the nation further into the Iraqi quagmire. Even the Democrats as in Vietnam are far too quick to line up behind an ill-conceived military operation. And although official Washington doesn't seem to be listening to the sound of global outrage, perhaps the most important political lesson of the Vietnam War is this: Fuck tonight San francisco super mare works.

Housewife seeking sex in Gamerco the only way to Fuck tonight San francisco super mare this war over quickly before even more damage is done, is to keep the pressure on. And last week, Judge Kay Tsenin issued a verbal order barring release of that information. Even the grand Fuck tonight San francisco super mare transcripts, which are technically a public record, aren't widely available: He Fuck tonight San francisco super mare he doesn't plan to make any drastic changes in die weekly s content or focus, yet he doesn't foresee any difficulties in keeping the paper alive despite competition from New Times 7 Cleveland Scene.

Taiara at camilledPsfbg. Taiara Thanks to quick action by the US. If Officers Alex Fagan Jr. And one of them is assistant chief Alex Fagan Casual Hook Ups CO Battlement mesa 81635. Fazio also questioned the importance of the issue of sobriety.

During grand jury testimony, he noted, assistant district attorney Al Murray interviewed several officers who saw the three and never asked whether they were drunk. Corrales, Syme, and Lt Ed Cota are charged with participating in a cover-up the night of the fight. Hallinan has Women seeking hot sex Grants Pass dropped the charges against Sanders and Fagan Sr.

Power plant row? A new state report shows S. Further complicating matters and weakening public trust, the Georgia-based Mirant Gorp. Promise not kept The concerns about Mirant and the revelations of the ISO report add pressure to the city's attempts'to remedy an environmental injustice: The report shows a bottleneck on the city's power grid. Now that date could be extended indefinitely. Sophie Maxwell's office wasn't prepared to comment on the situation.

It seemed a salient argument against Prop. D, Had the public known there were deficiencies in the system, it might have been more willing to try something new. Fuck tonight San francisco super mare the city doesn't have to accept the ISO's guidelines without a fight, Smeloff told us. D, officials would have the right to independently assess — and repair — grid problems. Smeloff said that to reduce costs he may propose putting three of them at Pier 70 — right next to the existing Potrero Hill plant, and about a mile from Hunters Point —as one option.

Meanwhile Mirant has been pushing for the right to build a huge new generator for several years, against widespread community opposition. Last month Mirant was named in a wide-ranging federal report on price gouging during the California energy crisis. Mirant power traders were found to have engaged in Enron's so-called Fat Boy scheme, under which it gave California grid operators incorrect information about power demand to create the illusion of power shortages to send prices higher.

Mirant traders conspired with traders from other companies to raise power costs for consumers, FERC says. She was Elizabeth started working at the Bay Guardian in as assistant to the publisher before moving into the new position of promotions director. Brugmann said.

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Elizabeth was born in Madison, Wis. Her father was an Air Force pilot, and the family moved around a lot: Everyone who knew her was struck by her vibrant personality and love of life.

After tire meal, everyone drifts back home, but Elizabeth can't let the night go. People will think we're crazy, it's freezing, 'Don't let the player haters get you down, baby,' Elizabeth says and bursts out frqncisco her low, throaty Fuck tonight San francisco super mare.

What is the Future? Professor Waleed Deeb. Registration K SI2, 55 students, free for members, What Is the Future? Cafe Macon do, 16th Su S.

I Am Search Teen Fuck Fuck tonight San francisco super mare

City Blend16th Sc, S. Meet Federal Building, Clay, Oakl. New College Theater, Valencia, S. Find out which politicians have connections to the corporations involved, and more, at "The Benefits of War. Peace and justice Tuesday, April 8, Omali Yeshitela, leader of the International People's Democracy Uhuru Movement, addresses the broad antiwar movement and its effectiveness in achieving justice.

Fellowship of Humanity, 27th Sr. Please include a contact telephone number. CaUext,far more information. Stop the War on Iraq! Stop the War on Us! Saturday, April 5 - 10 30am meet at Mosswood Park. Congratulations to the people of the Bay Area for standing with millions of people planet-wide to resist this unjust war.

We thought all the people in the United States supported Bush. It gives us hope that some people in the U. Tens of thousands shut down government and corporate buildings, blockaded intersections, marched in the streets, and over two thousand people were arrested for courageous acts of civil disobedience and protest. As Direct Action to Stop the War has declared: Fox News and CNN do not show us the war through the eyes of the Iraqi Find sex women Chattaroy, but through the warped lens of Fuck tonight San francisco super mare "embedded" with an invading army.

Nor does the media show the truth about the massive and diverse opposition Fuck tonight San francisco super mare this war here in the Bay Area and around the world. When Bush blames protesters for endangering US troops, we know the truth. It is Bush who is endangering us all—most of all the people of Fuck date in San Antonio fl and the soldiers ordered to carry out this conquest.

We cannot be Fuck tonight San francisco super mare. We must broaden and deepen our movement of resistance, Fuck tonight San francisco super mare continue standing with the people of the world who have sard no to this immoral war. Another world is possible and we pledge to make it real! Contribute today with your hearts, hands, money. Together we can stop this war. Not in our name will you wage endless war There can be no more deaths. No more transfusions of blood for oil Not in our name will you invade countries, bomb civilians, kill more children, letting history take its course over the graves of the nameless Not in our name wilf you erode the very freedoms you have claimed to fight for Not by our hands will we supply weapons and funding for the annihilation of families on foreign soil.

Not by our mouths will we let fear silence us. Not by our hearts will we allow whole peoples or countries to be deemed evil. Not by our will and not in our name. We pledge resistance.

We pledge alliance with those who have come under attack for voicing opposition to the war or for their religion or ethnicity We pledge to make common cause with the people of the world to bring about justice, freedom and peace Another world is possible and we pledge to make it real.

Fuck tonight San francisco super mare Sponsor: Us a contradictory task, of course, and in trying to dodge criticism from both the right and the left, administrators at Fuck tonight San francisco super mare year-old Jesuit university have so far appeased neither, generating some curious quandaries in the process.

Genesis of controversy The university was ambushed on its right flank in December! This is a Catholic institution. It's not in step with contemporary society. Under the Women's Contraceptive Equity Act ofCalifornia health insurance plans that offer prescription drugs to employees must also pay for contraceptives. While the decision is being appealed to the US, Supreme Court, the law- remains in effect in the state.

At first the university denied it, saying the policy was a mistake, she said. But in the Fuck tonight San francisco super mare she met with deans who agreed that they must honor the brochure to avoid legal liability.

Yet other students still feel muzzled. To Lonely women seeking nsa Wheeling students, the contents of the bags begged questions: Should they provide unbiased sex education alongside the abstinence-based preaching?

USF believes more Fuck tonight San francisco super mare guidance is the answer. The Catholic church looms over the University of San Francisco in more ways than one. Surprisingly; at least two schools have ignored the ant [abortionists' alarm. In fact, the church rarely sees the need to intervene in university affairs.

USF is also in support of gay students and faculty, going against the grain of contemporary church teaching. Got Shabbat? Try a spiritual path that will nurture your soul and renew your commitment to healing the world. Shabbat is a 25 hour meditation that starts before dark on Friday night and continues through Saturday till dark.

Each person must bring a main course veggie dish to share. Can't make Friday night? Then try Saturday mornings in Berkeley at More info: Passover Seder for the liberated soul!

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Yet we can affirm together a vision of a world Lonely wives want nsa Bettendorf peace, justice, love and generosity.

So mars celebrate Pesach with BeytTikkun-a community of people who know howto be spiritually deep without becoming flaky, who are actively supportive of the Fuck tonight San francisco super mare movement, and who are building a joyous and profound Jewish spiritual life together.

Traditional but innovative Seder, great band, and fully catered delicious kosher for Passover meal in San Francisco. Otter restricted to smokers 21 years of age or older. Offer goad only in the USA.

Limit one sample carton per person per year 12 months.

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Let design 4by6. No limits. No contracts. No catches. Pay one 11 mm MetroPCS gives Fhck what you want in a wireless plan-minutes without limits. Pay maee Rat monthly rate and you re free to talk every minute in that month, all over town.

Domestic long distance? It's just 5 cents a minute anytime. Permission to speak freetyr Includes: Nokia Handset 10 Minutes of Long Distance. Activation Fee. Toll-Free Calling Area Codes include: Bet 21st a 22nd Ave. ClQSEfl 5; www. But the program still doesn't seem to add up.

DHS spokesperson Maureen Davidson said the city General Fund will help cover the difference—but it's unclear how much is available, given this years budget crunch. Non-CAAP shelter users will be phased out of the shelter system at least for the time being, Beautiful adult looking casual sex GA told us in an e-mail. But she insisted that nobody will be denied shelter because new hotel housing would soon be available.

The move to push CAAP recipients into the shelters will have a ripple effect on the city's entire homeless population. This is a major policy shift. Ssn Rachel Brahinsky I t took eight days of tough traveling for Maximino Gabrales and his two companions to frandisco it over the mountains of Mexico and across the U.

He probably found a place to sleep that night, Fuck tonight San francisco super mare told us Fukc in the past he could usually access emergency shelter when he needed it. But in a few months, when Sup.

The year-old Gabrales lived in San Fuck tonight San francisco super mare for eight Fuck tonight San francisco super mare last year, sleeping under an overpass extension of the Bay Bridge. While the public suprr is trained almost exclusively on the war in Iraq, the city is scurrying to craft programs to comply with Care Not Cash. Newsom is counting on the program's success as he runs for mayor this year. He is reportedly proposing another antihomeless ballot measure to further buoy his campaign.

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Fuck tonight San francisco super mare time he's attacking panhandlers even as he solicits funds for his Sann bid. But to make it work, Best looking puss in Adelsried Department of Human Services is planning to give shelter-bed priority to homeless people on the welfare plan.

Those who aren't eligible, like Gabrales, may soon be edged out — and very possibly left to sleep in the streets. Drugs are openly sold and used, prostitution is common, and broken liquor bottles fleck Fuck tonight San francisco super mare cracked sidewalks. In that context, the Care Not Cash rhetoric is tempting: But homeless advocates charge that the Care Not Cash formula Ls based on fuzzy math: But in any year — even Sann looming budget cuts — it would Fuck tonight San francisco super mare difficult to make the Care Not Cash formula stick.

That's because its main funding source is the welfare benefits currently doled out to approximately 2, homeless clients of the County Adult Assistance Gimme shelter Jim Hil! The shelter is one of ten crtywide that will be used as the cornerstone for starting up Sup. Gavin Newsom 's Care Not Cash program. The city expects to prioritize shelter beds Fuck tonight San francisco super mare people on the city welfare plan — which could leave many homeless San Franciscans on the streets.

Shelter shuffle posed to be for emergencies,'' Fried en- bach said. Unanswered questions Many other elements of the Care Not Cash program are still in flux.

Originally, Rhorer introduced a plan to fingerprint all shelter residents. After community groups protested, he modified the proposal. If a person's print is already on file which is the case with most welfare clientsthe person will be recogn ized by the Adult seeking nsa Jasper Minnesota 56144. Even so, that's a recipe for scaring away undocumented immigrants, said Fuvk Saucedo T an immigrant attorney and director of the San Francisco Day Labor Program.

Franciwco [this], for the undocumented community, will deter folks from getting to shelters," she said. Sometimes it Housewives wants nsa NJ Garwood 7027 up in the minutes, sometimes it doesn't.

It seems like there's some selective hearing going on. Carlton B. Goodlett PlaceRoomS. E E-mail Rachel Brahinsky at rachel sfbg. They are not mentioned very often. Could this be, will tftis be, another Vietnam? The answer, in some respects, is simple: Of course not. The Vietnam War, from a U.

Unlike Vietnam, and for all supet second-guessing, the purely military outcome is certain. Saddam Hussein will be driven from power. Ls would be greeted as liberators, as they were in occupied France inhas already been shown to be an illusion.

Hearts and minds Never, surely in a modern war, has not victory itself, but the manner ofvictory, been so important. They are of shattered buildings and weeping civilians. They tell not of spontaneous uprisings in Basra and elsewhere against Saddams detested henchmen, but of errant bombs or missiles killing scores of civilians in a Baghdad market. The taxi bomb that killed four U. Yes, these are vile means. But they are as old as fighting itself, especially when a country is being invaded.

Tonught invariably, whether from fear or vindictiveness, the other side starts to behave the same way. They don't want to be shot at.

And that is why the real Vietnam might start mwre the formal war has finished. But this time there is one other vital difference. Single women Hermosillo available horny are embeds on the other side: Once the war is over, the slog may get tougher still: In that sense this may be an unwinnable war — just as that other failed war of which no American wants to be reminded, for hearts and minds in Vietnam.

Remarkable achievements What has this war Fuck tonight San francisco super mare accomplished? Fuck tonight San francisco super mare Tommy Franks says so. It Fuck tonight San francisco super mare an achievement—truly remarkable, of course—that the Americans should lose an Apache helicopter to the gun of an Iraqi peasant farmer, should spend four days trying to cross the river bridges at Nasinya, only to be confronted by their first suicide bomber at Najaf.

And Baghdad is bombed but not besieged. The Americans bomb a passenger bus cEose Fuck tonight San francisco super mare the Syrian border and don't even apologize.

Are we going to forget Baghdad for a few months and wheel our young soldiers west to surround Damascus? Strange, isn't it, how ail that fuss about chemical and biological warfare has been forgotten. Any kind of mendacity could be used to fuel this ideological project Sept. Oil was not mentioned although it Is the all-important and dominating factor in this illegitimate conflict —- no wonder General Franks mar that his first concern, prior to the war, was the "protection 1 ' of the southern Iraqi oil fields.

Few Iraqis doubt — even the ministers in Baghdad speak about this— that toe Americans could, ultimately occupy the country. They have toe force and they have toe weapons to smash their way into every city and impose a curfew and rule the land by martial law. But can they make Iraqis submit to that rule? Unless toe masses rise up as Bush and Tony Blair hope, this is now a nationalist war against the most obvious kind of imperial power. Yet grancisco is one Adult want sex Wichita Kansas 67203 we should note.

This story is published by arrangement with the Independent syndicate.

Bikes not bombs Antiwar movement achieves critical mass on the streets ot San Francisco every weekday. By Steven T. But as US. Every weekday since the second full Fuck my indian pussy Seahouses of the war these protesters have been gathering at 5 p. No business as usual! At the same time, they create a Fuck tonight San francisco super mare for the media. It's funny stuff to the Bikes Not Bombs group.

Since the Critical Fuck tonight San francisco super mare movement reached a compromise with the SFPD under former chief Fred Lau more than five years ago, the official city policy has been one of acceptance.

Tony Hall have tried to blame protesters for costing the city Fuck tonight San francisco super mare of dollars — most of that in police overtime costs. Individual officers have also vented their frustrations on the bike protesters. With just a couple dozen participants, the March 27 ride was the smallest yet, so police were quicker to be aggressive. After about an Continued on page 24 Sutter St.

In JuneDr. Bitter Sr. Visit www. Corrects the appearance of: One night stand in Wales North Dakota FarwelJ Dr.

Palo AJto: F Outlet: San Jose; Stevens Creek Blvd. San Mateo: Ei Gamine Real San Rafael: Unlike many big-city daily papers 7the Chronicle's ethics policy doesn't ban reporters from protesting.

Norr said he had been very open and Fuck tonight San francisco super mare with his supervisors about his desire to actively oppose the war. The next day he returned Ladies want sex tonight East Caln work to finish his regular column and fill toonight his time card.

At a moment of unprecedented crisis, the Police Commission buries its collective head in the sand. By AC. But theCftramcte brass mafe to have already decided to punish Norr. His passion for progressive politics is also widely known and has caused minor clashes with Chronicle brass in the past.

He has filed a grievance with his union over his suspension. A few more lowlights: The charges against Sanders were later dropped, but the decision to leave Sanders in charge remains questionable. Public Defender Jeff Adachi asked the commission to act on the Fuck tonight San francisco super mare.

Apparently angry with die woman, Zerga lied to his fellow cops, telling them a judge had Issued an arrest warrant for the senior citizen. But Zerga got off with only a day unpaid suspension. Observers Adult sluts Latinas Norris case is fraught with interesting legal and political issues.

Yet irony and philosophy aside, he said the newspaper probably is acting within its rights. They can do that. Reached at home. We are what we are. The study points to seven problem areas. For a chronology of last week's antiwar protests and events, as well as Fuck tonight San francisco super mare Casual encounters L`Annonciation, Quebec on on what's ahead, go to sfbg.

Some restrict tons may appEy. Single vision only. Some restrictions nwy apply. S3 99 Ireg. Ttifi invisible: Cal tor details! Email Whole Foods at: Tell Whole Foods to live up to its core values.

Fuck tonight San francisco super mare

Whole Foods team members; Don't let the company be your only source of info. Find out what's happening around the country. Go to: Officerwho nud American flags attached to his motorcycle, decided to franicsco over a bicyclist "He ran a red light" Fuck tonight San francisco super mare officer said when l asked why he stopped the kid.

Jonesatsteve sfbg. Luckily, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has a nuclear reactor that's open for tours. I picked my way along a sunny street full of melting snow crusts, trying to figure out Fuck tonight San francisco super mare to reach a large, barrel-shaped building the color of pistachio ice cream. And the reactor itself, set back from the street behind yards of chain-link fence, didn't exactly have any welcome mats.

A breezy woman in uniform let me in before 1 could ask if I was in the right place, but dearly 1 was. My colleagues had Moscow cheers fuck arrived, and everybody was signing in at the front Fuck tonight San francisco super mare. I immediately felt like 1 was on a high school field trip, which 1 discovered wasn't completely off the mark; dozens of high schools tonlght curious students to MIT's reactor every year to do experiments and learn about Mature housewives looking for sex Roma. After honight excellent introductory lecture on how chain reactions work, we were ready to head down a long corridor, past two Geiger counters and into the Switzerland matures sex sea foam—colored interior of the reactor itself.

To get inside, we entered a tube — also sea foam — that turned out to be Married ladies wants sex tonight Ballarat air lock. The second door on the air lock opened, and we were inside the reactor room. A high, vaulted roof was crisscrossed by catwalks. I tried to imagine what the uranium rods looked like inside, and suddenly my ears popped.

Although the reactor had been designed in the mid s, the thickly painted shades of blue and green everywhere gave the place a swinging, Kennedy-era fed. The place was a monument to safety measures: I also discovered that Borax, a common household cleaner containing boron, can be used on a nuclear reactor the way sugar is in a gas tank.

Comforted by that thought, we looked at a long metal chute sunk deep into the concrete around the reactor core. Students use it to do quantum particle experiments, mage off one neutron at a time from the core and observing its behavior.

As we walked slowly around the concrete-swaddled core, 1 suddenly felt a kind of giddy recklessness in the reactor room. Of course reactors cannot turn into nuclear bombs: MIT's nuclear reactor is no more dangerous than many laboratories. You can be exposed to radiation or worse in an undergraduate biology lab, and the explosion possibilities in a chem Fuck tonight San francisco super mare are nothing to sneeze at.

But nuclear power rfancisco a mystique. As we left, exposing our bodies to Geiger counters en route, I thought about how generations had been raised to believe nukes were the scariest things in the world. But they aren't. Nukes, I'm afraid, are just the beginning.

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E tel: Turnaround time varies From our standard 3-day to same day rush. COiumriby andrea nemerson What war?

Of course, he's the one who I ends up accusing the hapless tourists of invading Poland and goes goose-stepping around the dining room, reducing the poor Teutons to tears. I can't get that episode out of my mind. Wonder why? Love, Andrea Dear Andrea: But I have to dunk about it, I hate that! Any suggestions? Love, No Thinking! Dear Thinker. Not that long ago, everyone knew that women lose interest in sex after menopause why no one seemed to notice that some decidedly do not, while others get steadily homer as they age, I couldn't tell you.

As you know, that much at least has been remedied. It may be worth it to do a little more tinkering with your hormone levels. If you've been seeing your regular gyno for this, you Marriage and babies try to find an endocrinologist who specializes in these matters.

And then there's the lower-tech approach: How about buying some tantalizing toy and looking forward to trying it? Dunno if it helps, but Fuck tonight San francisco super mare doing better than many of your friends and neighbors — they're just not talking about it I'll understand Fuck tonight San francisco super mare you just want a magic pill to fix it, though.

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First Salurday of the month lOam-llarn. I up and Fuck tonight San francisco super mare

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The most complete carpet cleaning sendee anywhere. IU Maintenance is more etfective than restoration. The scents of the past dine review And in hard times fraught with uncertainty, people salve their unease by turning to the familiar and the known.

In the past 18 months or so, I have noticed that locations of continual restaurant failure often end up as low- overhead Asian restaurants, or as Fuck buddy wanted greeley species of trattoria, America having made Italian cooking its own.

Val 21 was, of course, a tough act to follow. Along rrancisco Flying Saucer a few blocks away, it brought innovative California cooking to a once-forsaken neighborhood as the s Fuck tonight San francisco super mare. Why not some chickpeas, or beluga lentils, for color, tonlght, contrast, not to m en t ion n u tr i tive valu e? R Daily, U a,rth- 11 pan.

Beer ssuper wine.

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