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Still Some First Dibs to be Had

Hey there!

Want to save 20%?!

There are still several fabric combos available for "first dibs" on a Super Mega Touch Screen Wallet.

These wallets make excellent gifts, and as of this posting I still have room on my pre-Christmas / holidays sewing calendar. You'll receive your wallet in time to give it as a gift, or keep it yourself and use it while you travel for the holidays.

First Dibs is Open now!!

NEW Fabrics!

FIRST DIBS wallets will be 20% off, but only for the 1st wallet of each combo sold. Offer is open NOW and expires 11pm Friday October 14th.

New Fabrics, First Dibs, Big Savings! Here's the plan

I hope you are as excited about all these new fabrics coming in as I am!

So, here's the plan:

Starting Thursday October 6th, you can call FIRST DIBS on each new fabric combo.

FIRST DIBS wallets will be 20% off, but only for the 1st wallet of each combo sold.

You can take a look now, but you can't add anything to your cart until Thursday the 6th.

Product Testers Wanted

WANTED: product testers
Please read carefully.
You must be a current owner and user of a
Super Mega Touch Screen Wallet or a Touch Screen Wristlet.
{I will be selecting some users of wallets and some users of wristlets}

Fall Fabric preview & vote, episode 1

Alright everyone, I need your help!

You know if I could, I would buy ALL OF THE FABRICS {all of the time},

but I have to try to narrow it down. I've managed to get from ALL OF THE FABRICS

down to 15 potential fabric combo sets.

I'll post 5 fabric combos a week, for 3 weeks, for voting.

Will you please, have a look at the combos, and leave me a comment or message me with your top pick{s}, OK? You guys are experts at this too!

Here we go, the first 5:

ask and ye shall receive

I'm always looking for ways to improve my wristlets and wallets, and your feedback is a huge factor in what I do!

You asked me for pen loops and clear ID pockets, and so I added them to the Super Mega Touch Screen Wallet!

Have a look:


simple yet elegant black,

Oh, riiiight....

remember that one time when you posted a blog entry for the first time in, oh, 3 years and you completely absolutely had forgotten you had your blog posts conveniently linked to your mailing list so it would just automatically send them out when you wrote them, and then when you got your own copy of said email in your inbox and the EVERYTHING ABOUT IT was 3 years out of date and just awful, and you felt like a total loser, like everybody just saw your underpants by accident or something?!


The Last Leaf

I sewed up and shipped out my last open order today, leaving me with nothing on my sewing schedule, no orders, not a one, for the first time in 4 {5?} years.
Day by day, as I pulled each post it off of my schedule all I could think about was the O. Henry story "The Last Leaf".
If you haven't read it, you should.

You are Awesome! Thank you!

Happy Saturday :)
I just wanted you all to know......


Have an amazingly awesome week!


Spring, try again.

Yeah, so it's Finally spring!

Whooooo! *High 5! *

Oh, p.s. it's only 29 degrees and it's supposed to snow {again} on Monday.

{photo from}

{thanks Michelle for posting this photo 1st, lol.....}

Spring, I think you need to try harder.

A lot harder.